"The experience with UBT has been very good. We are really pleased with response time with copier calls that we make and the uptime plus everything that was mentioned in the contract and the promises that were made. UBT has handled all of these things so well that we renewed our lease again!"

The Heritage Foundation
Clair Fries
Manager of Business Support Services


“Thank you for your amazing equipment and service! After years of suffering with our existing copiers, The Advisory Board Company now has the best service and equipment the industry has to offer. Selecting UBT, after an exhaustive search of the major copier players in the region, seemed to be a no brainer. The equipment you proposed, much faster and more capable copiers than our existing fleet, allowed us to realize a 50% reduction in our copier costs.”

The Advisory Board Company
Washington, DC
Scott Strzinek
Senior Director of Operations

“UBT performed a Total Cost of Ownership and through this process were able to pinpoint where we could reduce costs, update technology and simplify our support. When it came time to transition, UBT conducted this process in a timely and proficient manner.  We continue to have wonderful customer and technical service from UBT!”

Washington, DC
Billy Parker
Facilities Manager