"We’ve had UBT probably for over 3 years with 34 Canon machines and have very few problems. Service guys are fantastic and our account executive is always right on top of things. We have really enjoyed our relationship with UBT."

American Psychological Association
Michael Newhouse
Director of Administrative Services


UBT believes in high quality service through responsive and knowledgeable technicians, and a customer service infrastructure that creates a proactive service environment for our customers. UBT offers the most comprehensive customer service package in the industry. Our technicians average a 1.7 hour on-site response to all service calls and we provide monetary recourse to all customers if our maximum response times are not met. In addition, UBT created a unique incentive program for our technical staff that pays increased compensation for minimizing incomplete or ineffective service calls, thereby significantly reducing customer downtime and increasing customer satisfaction.

Most importantly as most companies are relying more on multifunctional units to perform their printing, copying scanning and faxing needs, the reliability of these products is imperative to the smooth operation of any firm. UBT unique 12 month unconditional money back guarantee takes all the risk out of a conversion to MFD products and as reviewed in the Industry Analyst Newsletter, is the most comprehensive warranty offered by any dealer or manufacturer in the industry.