"UBT has done everything that they said they would do all the promises have been kept from the very start. From the beginning it has been all they said it would be. The management of my account has been excellent."

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Ronald Gibson
Manager, Printing and Mailing Services

Technical Support

UBT's technical team is highly responsive and averages over 23 years of hands-on service experience. On average, UBT's response time in all segments is 297% better than the national average response time. UBT guarantees a four hour maximum response time with a $500 credit provided as recourse if the four hour guarantee is missed. UBT also guarantees 98% equipment uptime over the course of a year with a $500 credit provided as recourse if this goal is not achieved. These guarantees substantially differentiate UBT from its competitors and ensure prompt and thorough service, resulting in highly satisfied clients.

Customer Service Measurement System

To further support the goal of offering the highest quality service, UBT designed a multi-tiered compensation plan for our technical staff. Based on UBT's highly tenured technical staff, the average base salary of a UBT technician is 50% higher than the national average. Additionally, UBT has designed a plan to reward proactive and thorough service through a unique incentive program. This program pays technicians increased compensation for minimizing both recalls and incomplete service calls. Our technician incentive program has proven to significantly reduce customer downtime, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Every UBT field technician is measured and awarded substantial monthly financial incentives based on his or her ability to carefully review the technical needs of your copier and have the necessary parts on hand to repair your system properly on the first visit.

Accurately servicing your system on the first call helps minimize costly and inconvenient recalls for the same problem or a related problem that could have been resolved with proper machine diagnosis and on-hand parts support. This measurement system is comprised of the following elements:

This unique program measures each UBT technician against the highest standards for providing quality service and offers appropriate financial incentives to our technicians, who in turn provide our customers with award winning service.

Automated Service Dispatch and Parts Replenishment
United Business Technologies utilizes the most sophisticated technology available with its automated dispatch system (ADS). The system provides the following benefits to our customers.

Networked Systems Support
With the accelerated conversion to high speed digital copiers and printers, our customers require sophisticated and comprehensive systems support. At United Business Technologies we offer unique programs to ensure equipment and software compatibility, which allows customer document creation and processing workflows to remain uninterrupted.