"We’ve had UBT probably for over 3 years with 34 Canon machines and have very few problems. Service guys are fantastic and our account executive is always right on top of things. We have really enjoyed our relationship with UBT."

American Psychological Association
Michael Newhouse
Director of Administrative Services

Management Team

United Business Technologies’s Management Team
UBT's management team has in excess of 100 years of experience in the copier industry along with a proven track record of generating revenue growth well above industry averages and operating highly efficient, high employee productivity organizations that minimize cost, thereby allowing the company to provide customers with the lowest possible prices.

Armen Manoogian
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Manoogian has spent thirty-seven successful years in the copier industry, first with Xerox Corporation and, most recently, as President and owner of a $41 million independent Canon dealer based in the Washington Metropolitan marketplace. Under Mr. Manoogian’s guidance, the company prospered into one of Canon’s top independent dealers. Mr. Manoogian graduated from Penn State in 1964 with a B.S. in Business Administration. He earned an MBA in Finance from Pace University in 1974.

Scott Manoogian
Mr. Manoogian has over nineteen years of experience in the office imaging and information technology industries. He has served in numerous positions including Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Color Graphics Sales Manager, Senior Account Executive and Vice President of Sales. Mr. Manoogian took the helm of United Business Technologies in 2002 and has since tripled company revenue, catapulting the firm to the largest independent Canon dealer in the Southeast Region and the 3rd largest of Canon’s 500 independent dealerships. Mr. Manoogian graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1992 and earned his Executive MBA from George Washington University in 1999.

Doris Green
Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Green gained valuable public accounting and financial management experience at the accounting firm of Laventhal and Horwath based in Rockville, Maryland, where she worked for two years and became a Certified Public Accountant. Ms. Green has successfully held multiple positions including Accounting Assistant, Controller, and Vice President of Finance and CFO. Ms. Green graduated from the University of Maryland in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Dale Hopkins
Vice President of Service
Mr. Hopkins began his technical career in 1982 and has over twenty seven years of direct technical service and management experience. Mr. Hopkins has successfully held multiple technical positions including Service Technician, Area Supervisor, and Vice President of Service. Mr. Hopkins earned an Associate’s Degree from Prince George’s County Community College in 1981.

Terence Matthews
Senior Vice President
Mr. Matthews spent twenty years in the imaging systems industry where he served in many strategic leadership positions including Sales Representative, Copier and Facsimile Sales Manager, Copier Imaging Divisional Manager and Vice President. Mr. Matthews graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina State University in 1990, earning a dual degree in Business Management and Economics.

Cindy McCormack
Senior Vice President
Ms. McCormack has over twenty years of sales and sales management experience in the office imaging industry, where she has held numerous positions including Marketing Representative, Sales Manager, Color Graphics Manager, and Vice President. Ms. McCormack has been influential in building the Commercial Sales and Government Accounts division of United Business Technologies. She graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Systems Management.